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Jan. 25th, 2017
Game on...
The season finally underway with round 2 currently being played.

Lots og TDs, Casualties, frustrated hair pulling, laughs and good spirit all around.
- Uffe V
Jan. 10th, 2017
Sidste udkald for deltagelse
Så er det ved at være sidste udkald for deltagelse i TRoA Blood Bowl League. Tilmeldingen lukker søndag d. 15. januar kl. 18.
Ønsker du at deltage skal du blot kontakte commish@troa.dk, med Race, holdnavn, antal Rerolls, antal Fan Factor (der er 1,000,000 at købe for).
Vi (Bo Karlsen og undertegnede) kan træffes i TRoAs lokaler torsdag kl. 16 - 22, fredag kl. 19 - søndag kl. 16.
Første spilgang er onsdag d. 18. januar kl. 18.30 hvor vi trækker første runde og gennemgår evt. regel og spørgsmål
Der er pt. 7 hold tilmeldte, men plads til mange flere.
- Uffe V
Nov. 24th, 2016
Ønsker du at deltage?
Ønsker man at oprette et hold, skal man maile til commish@troa.dk. Skriv hvilket hold du stiller med (Race), holdets navn (max 20 tegn!), samt hvor mange re-rolls og fan-factor holdet starter med. Så opretter vi holdet, og man kan derefter selv gå i gang med spiller-indkøb.
Har man allerede to aktive hold, skal et af dem først retires (man kontakter os), da grænsen for aktive hold er sat til 2.
- Bo K
Nov. 23rd, 2016
New Rules
Hi all

I just wanted to address the issue of rules changes in Death Zone Season 1, so we can let you guys know what happened, what’s happening, and then crack on with enjoying Blood Bowl (although Jonathan Taylor-Yorke insists the game is not supposed to be fun and that I’m doing it all wrong!).

Back when we began the Blood Bowl 2016 project at the start of the year we received numerous messages from players, almost all of them asking us to consider changes to Claw, Piling On and Mighty Blow. Though we were reticent to make any changes to the CRP we thought it sensible to try some alternatives, which our playtest group trialed for several months. At the end of that period however, and in consultation with our contacts in the community, we reached the conclusion these rules shouldn’t be changed, and instead addressed it by making Piling On an optional rule.

However, it’s transpired that the dreaded Version Control Goblins have been at our files and the playtest versions of several skill descriptions have got out into the wild and made it into print.

So what do we do? Well, the first thing was not to make any knee-jerk reactions, but to listen to what you guys were actually saying about the rules as published. There’s been a lot of perfectly justifiable objection, but in amongst it all has been some very interesting and useful feedback, for which we sincerely thank those that gave it. Having given the matter a lot of thought and having spoken to some very experienced Blood Bowl players, we’ve decided that the best thing to do is errata the skills in question so they reflect what we meant them to say all along. This does mean that a couple of skills will be wrong in the first print run of the book and so we’ll release an errata download when the game is released and ensure that future iterations use the correct wording.

Hopefully now we can all enjoy some competitive violence, and I hope to see some of you guys at Warhammer World this weekend!

All the best
Andy Hoare
- Bo K
Aug. 13th, 2009
We will be using the LRB 6.0 which is LRB 5.0 + experimental rules. Ths means there are some changes to few of the teams as well as a couple of new races.
- Uffe V

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