This is a site dedicated to TRoA Blood Bowl League located i Aalborg, Denmark

We are a bunch of Blood Bowl coaches who come together to play our teams in the league in order to become champion of the season (and kill the opposing players...).

Here you will among many things find info on the participating teams, standings of the current season (if any is running at the moment), the results of previous played seasons and lots of statistics and records.

This is not an online league, we play the game table top IRL. The league is located in Aalborg, Denmark. We aim to play 2 seasons a year. When a season is running, we play one match a week.

Members of TRoA Roleplaying club participate for FREE (the club pays for this site) and all others cannot for now participate.

If you live in/near Aalborg and want to join the league, contact us. Or if you find incorrect data, dead links etc., feel free to mail us.


- the Commissioner

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Feb. 28th, 2019 - old news
Season VII open for entry
Season VII is now ope for all who wish to participate.

Enrollment: commish@troa.dk.
Deadline: Wednesday 20th of March, 9 PM

1,000,000 gp (dvs. nye hold)
Minimum 11 players
All 26 teams are available, incl. Slann, Khorne and Bretonnia.

House rules:
- Piling On
- Play-Off matches
- Team restart.
- MVP is chosen random from all eligible players, who aren't dead, retiring or Star Player.

A number of matches depending on the total number of enrolled coaches, but somewhere between 6 and 8 matches during a span of appr. 10 weeks followed by play-off games.
- Uffe V
May 17th, 2018 - old news
Round 5
Hello Brutes and Rogues,

It has been silent from my side, due to a rock was thrown by the spectators from the Anarchy Chaotica - but now im back and what a couple of rounds it has been - kills, cas, blood, teeth and much more have been the result of the last rounds.

One team has seemed to be impossible to beat - The Tainted Ones have been clubbing and running its way to the top.

there will be much more to repport from the last round.

See you all - and i will be back.

Violent Bob
- Cracus
Apr. 16th, 2018 - old news
Round 2
To all you insane blood bowl fans - round 2 has ended and what an amazing couple of fights. The 4 teams has once again clashed in a fight for glory and mayham. Again in round 2 as in round several players had to leave the pitch without their lives intact.

We have seen great play from all the coaches - with a great focus on just destroying the other team - not many touch downs but a lot of casualties.

As a last request I call forth all existing and new coaches to join the pitch - we cant have enought teams for the slaughter. So just write me back here or on torben2502@gmail.com and we will register or have a trial game.

once again I will leave your fates in the hand of the great nuffler - die well - from your all Violent Bob.
- Cracus
Apr. 4th, 2018 - old news
We have begun
The first round of blood bowl have ended and what a couple of fights we have seen yet.

Already two kills on the field and more than 5 other players ended up as casulties of war.

The four teams has shown great play and skills and with a passing norse team that shows great strengh from beginning - we are waiting for lots of spectacularly action.

But we can´t ignore both the bloodbath that the Tainted Ones, Plague N Pestilence and Anarchy Chaotica have showned until now.
Its going to be entertaining to watch how the teams are going to end after this season - with these teams all is possible.

Next round we have the tainted ones who take on Anarchy Chaotica on their homefield and can be sure that the homefield supporters will do their best to fight off the Anarchy supporters.
The second fight in round 2 is Valhalla Valkyries who take on Plague N Pestilence in the cold North. Lets see if the cold has any impact on the rotting players of nurgle.

See you all for more fun and violence.

Your commentator Violent Bob
- Cracus
Jan. 23rd, 2018 - old news
Season VI now Open
Kalder alle Blood Bowl Coaches.

Det er på tide, at vi bringer blod, vold og død samt hurtighed og agility tilbage på banen i endnu en kamp om hæderen, som sæsonens bedste coach og hold.

Vi kalder ind til en neutral samling blandt racerne, hvor al vold er strengt forbudt mandag den 19. februar, her diskuterer vi reglerne for den kommende sæson.

Selve ligaen starter vi i samme uge, hvor alle coaches skal spille om de første point i ligaen.

Du kan allerede nu tilmelde dig Season VI på din nærmeste kro - du skal bare spørge kroejeren om adgang.


Prisen for at være med er 0 kr. MEN du skal være TRoA medlem.

Der åbnes en ny runde hver uge dvs. du skal gerne have tid til at spille en kamp om ugen (evt. vær 2 coaches om holdet). Resten af reglerne står på hjemmesiden.

Der spilles med de nyeste Blood bowl Editions - tilføjet et par houserules, som bl.a. Legendary Teams, hjælp til Stunty holdene, ændret Piling On, adgang til Wizard, Ingen special Play Cards og ingen redraft af holdene. På vores site kan alle houserules og evt. rulings læses nærmere.

Har du være coach og overlevet Season V, har du mulighed for at deltage med et af dine allerede eksisterende hold, eller du kan vælge at starte nyt hold op.

Ønsker man at starte nyt hold skal man sende følgende til commish@troa.dk:
Antal Rerolls
Antal Fanfactor

Nye coaches kan tilmeldes ved at kontakte commish@troa.dk hvorefter der vil blive tilsendt brugernavn og password (har man et særligt brugernavn man ønsker bedes man skrive dette i mailen).

SÅ kom og vær med til at genoptag denne stolte tradition, og tilbed Nuffle i al hans vælde og uretfærdighed.
- Cracus

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